At Liberty Optics, your information is safe and secure when you use our shopping cart. 

Here's why : First, after adding items to your basket, when you enter the checkout page, you can see the payment gateway window run by our new order processor, Santu.  The site is a https:// site with the lock at the bottom to indicate a secure webpage using SSL encryption technology. 

When you go to the shopping cart in any browser there is complete digital encryption certification that is easy to verify.  This is an example on Firefox,  Note the bright green secure info on the top left in the address bar:

Click on the top left, and you can see the digital cetification


As you can see, our shopping cart is secure.  Once your order is placed, your information is sent to the Santu secure server.  Now, we do not charge your credit card in real time.  We have your info emailed to us to OUR secure server (certified by Thawte, the "Click to Verify" seal at the bottom of our home page verifies the SSL encryption on our server.),

To protect your info as it travels from the Santu server to our server, we used PGP encryption.  PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy and is one of THE most secure methods of encryption ever devised for us civilians.  A copy of my PGP public key resides on the Santu server, and when your order arrives in my email inbox, I enter a passphrase to decrypt the order.  Your order is printed out and processed by me. The order resides on our server in encrypted form at all times.

So, when you order from Liberty Optics, your information travels in an armored tunnel as it traverses the cyber superhighway, and is protected from your computer to mine.