Vortex Razor HD GEN I, GEN II, and AMG

Vortex's bombshell, all new FFP 100% "Made in USA" premium quality tactical riflescope.  Everything about this scope is made here, made right, and made to deliver top shelf performance that asks no quarter, nor gives any.

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A word on pricing.....Vortex has made it clear there will be no dealer incentives, volume discounts, or SHOT specials on these scopes...same pricing structure as the Gen II Razor...so you will not get a better deal elsewhere.

Enjoy, and thank you!



PS - Included in the box with each AMG scope:

  • Defender Flip Cap E-10
  • Defender Flip Cap O-50
  • New version of LTEC-Tool
  • CR2032 battery
  • Reticle manual
  • Product manual
  • Lens cloth
  • 3" Sunshade