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New, long awaited  4.5-18x44 FFP scopes with capped/exposed windage knobs, G3 reticle, and magnification assist lever!

Low light and long distances present unique challenges to the precision shooter. The Bushnell® Elite® Tactical LRTSi cuts through tough conditions with the new G3 Illuminated Reticle – allowing shooters to make precision holdovers at any range and engage moving targets in any light.

Its illumination brightness control is integrated on the side parallax focus. The ThrowHammer™ Lever lets you change magnification power instantly. The elevation turret provides 10 mils of adjustment per revolution and is also equipped with the RevLimiter™ Zero Stop for a quick positive return to zero.

  • G3i Illuminated / non-illuminated  reticle
  • ThrowHammer™ lever
  • T-Lok™ locking windage turret
  • RevLimiter™ zero stop
  • 30mm tube diameter

4.5-18x specs

Flat Dark Earth / Black
Power x Obj. Lens:
4.5-18x 44mm
Lens Coating:
Fully Multi-Coated & Ultra Wide Band Coating
RainGuard HD:
Tube Diameter:
Parallax Adjustment
Field of View: ft@100yds/m@100m
23.5/7@4.5x / 6/2@18x
Weight: oz/gr
27.3 / 774
Length: in/mm
14.3 / 363
Eye Relief: in/mm
3.94 / 100
Exit Pupil: mm
9.2@4.5x / 2.5@18x
Click Value: in.@100yds/mm@100m
0.34 / 10
Adj Range: in.@100yds/mm@100m
24 mils total
Mounting Length: in/mm
6.6 / 167
Focal Plane:



LEU119214 Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44 iluminated TMR with M5C2 turrets HOT! In stock





M5C2 Elevation Adjustment Dial

The low-profile M5C2 ZeroLock™ elevation dial automatically locks at the zero position and provides 20 Mils of elevation travel in two revolutions of the dial. A visible, tactile revolution indicator provides immediate feedback of the dial position in any lighting conditions.





Actual Magnification

3.00 x

18.00 x

Linear Field of View (ft/100 yd)

36.80 ft

6.30 ft

Linear Field of View (m/100 m)

12.30 m

2.10 m

Eye Relief (in)

3.80 in

3.90 in

Eye Relief (mm)

96.00 mm

98.00 mm

Weight (oz)


23.60 oz

Weight (g)


669.00 g

Objective Clear Aperture (in)


1.70 in

Objective Clear Aperture (mm)


44.00 mm

Elevation Adjustment Range


100.00 moa

Windage Adjustment Range


50.00 moa

Bushnell Elite 1-mile ConX Sportsman's Combo

In stock!!!

Elite 1 Mile CONX Combo


The Elite 1 Mile CONX Combo includes a Kestrel® Sportsman Ballistics Weather Meter. The Sportsman takes the guesswork out of long-range shooting and is the perfect companion for your Elite 1 Mile CONX. The first Laser Rangefinder that interfaces with your smart phone, the Elite 1 Mile CONX is a technological advantage for long-range shooters. Once your smart phone is connected via CONX you can set up the Rangefinder from the phone and set up to 3 different custom ballistic curves. Get hold over values from the Laser Rangefinder in inches, MOA or MILs on your smart phone or the Rangefinder's display.



  • 7x magnification
  • Blue Tooth Wireless connectivity via CONX Technology - requires Android operating system 4.3, or iOS 8.1 or newer for Apple devices
  • VDT (Vivid Display Technology)
  • Range: 5–1760 yards
  • Diopter adjustment
  • Compatible with magnetic attachment system
  • Built-in tripod mount
  • Posi-Thread™ battery door


  • Magnification x Obj Lens: 7x 26mm
  • Sizes: in/mm 1.7 x 5.1 x 3.7 / 43 x 129 x 94
  • Weight: oz/gr 12.1/343
  • BatteryType: 3-volt CR123 (incl.)
  • ClearShot Technology: No
  • CONX Technology: Yes
  • ARC Modes: Rifle, Rifle HD
  • Targeting Modes: Scan, Bullseye, Brush
  • E.S.P. 2: Yes
  • Rain-Guard HD: Yes
  • Water/Fog Proof: Yes
  • Range: 5-1760 yds
  • Reflective Ranging Performance: 1760yds
  • Tree Ranging Performance: 1200yds
  • Deer Ranging Performance: 600yds
  • Rangefinder Accuracy: +/- 1/2 yd

Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44 TMR reticle #115943 M5B2 Turrets and NEW #170826 M5C2 low profile turrets!!

Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44 Riflescope Matte black - 34mm tube - 0.1 Mil front focal plane - Waterproof - Fogproof - Shockproof - 11.9 inch length - 3.8-3.0 inch eye relief - Xtended Twilight lens coating - Locking Fast-Focus eyepiece:





Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20 ALL IN STOCK, 2016 price, new 2016 stock

  • Matte Black Finish
  • 34mm Tube
  • Fast Focus Eyepiece
  • First Focal Plane
  • M6C1 Elevation Adjustment
 Lens Coating: Xtended Twilight Lens System w/ Diamond Coat 2
 Adjustment Markings: Zerolock 0.2 Mil Per Click
 Maintube Diamater: 34mm 
 Daylight visible illumination: Yes
 Night Vision Compatible: Yes


 Fogproof: Yes
 Eyepiece Design: Locking Fast Focus 
 Actual Magnification: 1-6 
 Linear Field of View (ft @100yd): 105.8-19.3 
 Exit Pupil (mm): 10.2-3.3 
 Weight (oz): 17.0 
 Length (in): 10.3 
 Mounting Space (in): 5.0
Objective Aperature (mm): 20
Eye Relief (in): 3.7
Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA): 130
 Windage Adjustment Range (MOA):






7.62 and 5.56 CMR-W reticle template


TMR-D reticle template




NEW!! Leupold VX-R 1.25-4x20 Patrol Firedot SPR LEU113769 In stock HOT SALE!!!!

VX-R 1.25-4x20mm Patrol Matte - Firedot Special Purpose reticle - Finger adjustable - 30mm tube - Index matched lens coating - 2nd generation waterproof, fogproof - 1-turn fast focus eyepiece - Vibration sensor   30mm tube







Leupold VX-R Patrol 3-9x40 Firedot TMR LEU113771 IN STOCK

30mm tube, a very hot seller.  SFP mil/mil, illuminated, exposed low profile knobs, great glass! 
  • Matte
  • FireDot TMR
  • 30mm
  • 1-Button Illumination
  • Motion Sensor
  • Index Matched Lens Coatings
  • Lead-Free Edge-Blackened Lenses








    Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 6.5-20x50mm (34mm tube) Front Focal Tactical Milling M5A2 Locking Adjustment Riflescope - Matte Model LEU67810

     Locking turret


    Mark 8 1.1-8x24mm CQBSS M5B1 Front Focal M-TMR Riflescope - Matte LEU110121 SUPER SALE!!! Back in stock, new 2016 production.

    Everything you need to make every second count is now available in one extremely versatile riflescope: the Mark 8 Close Quarters Battle Sniper Scope. With an astonishing, 1.1-8x magnification range, shooters will no longer sacrifice precision for field of view. The illuminated front focal plane reticles subtend consistently at high and low magnification for the most accurate range estimating and range compensating available with today’s tactical reticle designs. Easily fine-tune your point of impact, while preventing accidental movement, with Auto-Locking Pinch and Turn adjustments. A 34mm maintube produces unparalleled windage and elevation adjustment travel, while the ability to bypass the zero-stop in the BDC dial makes zeroing a breeze. From the battlefield to the game fields - you get it all with the Mark 8 CQBSS.


    Bushnell Elite Tactical ERS scopes 3.5-21x50 with 10mil knobs and Zero-Stop!!! Black in stock 10/15/16 Add to Cart for SALE price!!



    Bushnell XRS 4.5-30X50 #BUSET45305GZ G2DMR reticle OUT OF STOCK

    The Ultimate Force Magnifiers

    Make a high-performance tactical decision.We’re putting the most powerful optics in the world into the hands of those sworn to defend it. Elite Tactical. Designed alongside military and law enforcement experts, the optical superiority and unfailing reliability of this family has been further honed with a host of application-specific features. Like tactical turrets for precise, positive adjustments, blacked out finish for optimum concealment and sophisticated reticles for CQB and long range shooting.

    Led by the versatile powerhouse 3.5-21x 50mm, and including our 8-40x 60mm spotting scope, these mission-driven designs are adapted to perform from the tightest quarters to the most extreme ranges. All for one purpose: So you can do what you do. To the warriors who selflessly protect our lives, you can always trust yours to Elite.

    The ultimate in repeatable accuracy, with our highest magnification range for splitting hairs at the farthest reaches. Blacked-out  finish, 34mm tube, locking target turrets and zero stop.

    • G2 reticle
    • First focal plane
    • T-Lok locking target turrets
    • Z-Lok zero stop
    • Side parallax adjustment
    • 1. Mil Clicks, 10Mils/Revolution


    Power / Obj Lens:
    4.5x-30x 50mm
    Field of View (ft@100 yds. / m@100 m):
    24/7.3@4.5x / 3.6/1@30x
    Weight (oz. / g):
    37 / 1049
    Length (in. / mm):
    Eye Relief (in. / mm):
    3.7 / 95
    Exit Pupil (mm):
    9@4.5x / 1.7@30x
    Click Value in.@100 yds / mm@100m:
    0.34 / 10
    Adj Range in.@100yds / m@100m:
    Mounting Length (in. / mm):
    6.4 / 162





    Leupold 120447

    Leupold VX-6 Rifle Scope, 1-6X24, 30MM, CM-R2 Reticle, MultiGun Custom Dial System, Matte Finish  SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY
    • 1-6X
    • 24
    • CM-R2
    • Matte
    • 30mm
    • MultiGun Custom Dial System


    Special Find! Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm Illuminated mildot reticle!! LEU115150 IN Stock LEU115062 Horus H-58 in stock!

    Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm M5B2 Front Focal Riflescope -  Illuminated mildot reticle!!!, Matte


    • 8:1 Zoom Ratio
      • With an astonishing 8:1 zoom ratio, shooters will no longer sacrifice precision for field of view. The wide 8X magnification range offers an incredible field of view at lower magnifications, and excellent long-range target discrimination at higher powers.
    • 3rd Generation Illumination
    • Side Focus
    • Front Focal Plane (FFP)
      • The reticle magnifies along with the image, so you can estimate range at all magnification settings. These reticles are ideal in tactical situations, yet also provide greater accuracy of range estimation for hunters and target shooters.
    • Custom Shop serviceable!!
    • Tactile Power Selector
    • M5B2 Adjustment
      • Auto-Locking Pinch and Turn Adjustment: Leupold's exclusive locking adjustment that unlocks when you grip it to adjust. With a tactile revolution counter. Confidently adjust windage and elevation while preventing accidental changes in the field. (1/10th mil per click-- 20 mils/2 revolutions total.
    • 6061-T6 Aircraft Quality Aluminum


    • Actual Magnification: Low: 3.5x, High: 25.0x
    • Linear Field of View (ft/1000 yd): Low: 32.5 ft., High: 4.4 ft.
    • Eye Relief (in): Low: 3.7 in., High: 3.3 in.
    • weight (oz): 37.0 oz.
    • Objective Clear Aperture (in): 2.2 in
    • Elevation Adjustment Range: 90.0 moa
    • Windage Adjustment Range: 50.0 moa

    Burris 200437FF Back in Stock!!

    MTAC 1-4x24mm Illuminated Ballistic Plex CQ 5.56/7.62 Riflescope with PEPR Mount & Fastfire Sight - Matte  (Scope also available w/o Fastfire and PEPR mount)

    MTAC 1-4x24mm Ballistic Plex CQ 5.56/7.62 Illuminated with PEPR Mount and Fastfire Sight Riflescope

    • The MTAC 1x-4x-24 with its wide field of view and Ballistic CQ 5.56/7.62 reticle is the perfect match for AR platform
    • Illuminated reticles for instant target acquisition in any lighting condition
    • Ideal for precision big game hunting
    • Each delivers optical performance that is virtually identical to ultra-premium scopes
    • All lenses are precision ground optical glass that is index matched, multi-coated with HiLume for clear, sharp high resolution images
    • With PEPR Mount and Fastfire Sight
    • Battery type - CR2032
    • Matte
    • Ballistic Plex CQ 5.56/7.62 Reticle
    • Field of View (in feet @ 100 yards): 100 Low - 32 High
    • Exit Pupil (mm): 24 Low-6 High
    • Click Value (in. @ 100 yards): .5
    • Max Adj.(in. @ 100 yards): 130
    • Eye Relief (in.): 3.5-4.0
    • Length (in.): 11.3
    • Weight (ounces): 17




    BUSET6245FG Gone and may not be coming back

    Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24x50 FFP G2 DMR reticle non-illuminated, 1/10 mil target turrets, 30mm tube 

    Bushnell pairs their excellent G2DMR reticle in a conventional 30mm tube 6-24x50 Elite Tactical scope.  




    BUSET3124FG 3-12x44 with G2DMRreticle Gone and may not be coming back.

    Bushnell Elite Tactical 3-12x44 FFP MRAD, 0.1 MRAD knobs, non-illuminated, 30mm tube, side-focus, desirable G2DMR reticle

    Long awaited successor to the mildot model!  Non-illuminated, 80moa of reticle travel