Seekonk Torque Wrenches

The Seekonk slip type "T" handle family of tools has become the worldwidestandard for torque hand tools. The concept of foolproof accurate torque control at a most reasonable cost has made our "T" handles indispensable in countless applications. That's why Seekonk has sold millions of this type of tool.

Seekonk's sucess is based on solid steel construction and a torque mechanism machined from aircraft quality high alloy steel. Competition from cheap die cast tools never stood a chance. Their selection of extensive drive sizes and features makes it easy to find the tool that's perfect for your application.

These durable torque tools are preset at the factory to a specified torque value. Upon reaching the specified torque value, tools automatically release and reset. This action prevents tightening above the preset value despite continued turning.

Under typical use, your Seekonk "T" handle should maintain its accuracy for one year. However, under heavy usage or extreme environment, more frequent calibration is recommended. Economic field quality control is possible by means of a Seekonk torque analyzer.

Accuracy: 2-10 in. lbs = +/- 1/2 in. lbs / 11-25 in. lbs = +/- 1 in. lbs. / 26-50 in. lbs. = +/- 2 in. lbs / 51 in. lbs +, = +/- 4%
Consistency is the real key in accurate shooting.  Consistency in ammo, training, technique, and preparation.  These torque wrenches are used to tighten your base screws to your rifle, and your ring cap screws on to the riflescope.  Consistent torquing of all screws helps eliminate uneven stress on your setup, prevents you from over tightening screws (possibly stripping them and/or crimping your scope tube) and helps your equipment perform better.  A popular and usefool tool for serious riflemen!

Additional options available by special order. Call 406-890-2714 or email for pricing. 




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Seekonk BT-1B Preset T-Handle Torque wrench, 1/4 square drive w/ backoff

Our number one selling T-handle torque wrench used to tighten base and ring cap screws.

Seekonk BT-2L Preset T-Handle Torque Wrench, 3/8" square drive with lockup

For securing your rings to your base.  Available in 45 in lb  or 55 in lb for Seekins Precision spec.