Great resources to help you shoot better!

Montana Shooting Sports Association, we do everything we can for Gary Marbut!!



Sniper's Paradise: Where it all started for us. Now owned by a couple of Devil Dogs. Great bunch of folks,

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Sniper's Hide: Thank goodness for the Hide. These guys really pull the trigger, and support their vendors!!


Central Virgina Tactical: My good friend and mentor Vern Harrison. Simply the best personalized long range training available.  VERN IS RETIRED NOW BUT HE STILL THE BEST!


JW Precision:  McMillian A-5 stocks and V-Bull precision products.  The California Firearm Owner's Home on the Internet. Great supporters of Liberty Optics. 

We support them.



Sniper Central: Our newest sponsored forum based out of Missoula, MT. A great group of guys. 


A Montana owned and operated company that offers a wide selection of quality shooting accessories